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We distribute professional IPL equipment

France Medical’s range of professional IPL devices is revolutionising the IPL Hair Removal market for beauty salons and skin clinics in Australia and New Zealand.

In just a few steps, you can be up and running in your salon with the latest generation of medically certified IPL hair removal devices from France.
There is no heavy financial commitment! Our small weekly fees are very affordable for all salons.

Ask for a demo today of our IPL hair removal device. Program E>O (E>O75 device) works on blond, brown and dark hair colour and is suitable on skin phototype I (fair) to V (dark) and even on tanned skin.

Worried about your finance? Check our no commitment, no credit check offer. You can buy, rent or lease from our different payment options.

Program E>O IPL is the best opportunity for your salon to enter into the IPL/laser hair removal industry.

No doubt our range of IPL products will change the face of IPL in Australia. Be part of it now!

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